How to talk in Persian

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Perisan (Farsi) is official language of Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan. Persian is famous for being very delightful and there were lots of poets speaking in Persian. Beside knowing Persian is very helpful while traveling to this countries.
How to talk in Persian
Lets Start with very basic Persian words.

Most common words in Persian while meeting people

Hello : Salam سلام
Goodbye: Khoda hafez خداحافظ
How are you: Chetori چطوری
Nice to meet you: Khosh vaghtam خوشوقتم
Where are you from: Ahle koja hastid اهل کجا هستید
I am from US: Man Amricayi hastam من آمریکایی هستم
Welcome: Khosh amadid خوش آمدید
Good morning: Sobh Bekheir صبح بخیر
Good night: Shab bekheir

Most common words in Persian while shopping

How mush does it cost: Chand ast? چند است
Is it fresh: Aya tazeh ast آیا تازه است
Does it have any discount: Aya takhfif dare آیا تخفیف داره

Most common words in Persian while traveling

I am looking for this address: Man donbale in adress migardam من دنبال این آدرس می گردم
Where is the closest restaurant: Nazdiktarin resturan kojast? نزدیک ترین رستوران کجاست