How to download with iphone

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If you have iphone or ipad, you may sometimes want to download files from a certain URL and you will find out that its not that easy. If you have experience using Android, You may know that you can download any types of file right in to a download folder and it can be shared or you can emailed them or those files can be opened via appropriate app. But IOS needs to be jailbroken.
Here we are going to explain how to download & save any file type onto your iPhone.
How to download with iphone

Download Via IDownloader

In order to download any type of files onto your IOS device you can use Idownloader application that is available on app store.
After you Installed IiDownloader you can go to URL that the download link is available and then click on the link or you can easily copy and paste the download link on address bar and the file will be downloaded to downloads tab.

Download Musics on IOS

By SoundCloud Downloader Pro you can easily download musics on your iphone or ipad. You can listen to musics online or download them onto your iphone and listen to them offline.

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