how to create a zip file

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What is a zip file

Zip files or sometimes called "Archives" are single files that contain one or several compressed files. Using zip files has several benefits, by making zip files they get compressed so their disk size will be reduced. In other hand since lots of folders and files converted to a single file it can be sent easily via email or messengers. Beside Zip files can be encrypted and protected via Passwords.

How can I open a ZIP file

There is lots of software available for extracting a ZIP file, But if you are using windows 7 or up there is no necessity to install any software to work with ZIP files. In order to open a zip file you can easily right click on that and open it, other wise use ZIP software like Winrar.
Winrar is a software can help you through managing file compession in different formats. In order to open a ZIP file just right click on it and then chose "open with Winrar" to browse the the zip file contents or extract it using following extract options.
Consider that maybe you need password to open up o extract the file.

How to create a ZIP file

In order to zip files just simply select files and folders that you intend to compress and zip, then if you are using windows 7 or higher use right click and then "send to", after that use "Compressed (Zipped) folder" to create the zip file and if this option is not available install Winrar and by right click it provides "Add to archive" option to make a zip compressed file out of it.